Welcome 2023

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As we approach the end of 2022 we can look back and reflect on many positive things. Nationally and locally the restrictions of the pandemic are virtually over and we have more or less returned to unrestricted activity, albeit with some precautions still in place. We celebrated our Queen’s 70th Jubilee but also mourned her untimely passing. Locally as well as Jubilee celebrations there have been many occasions when our community has come together and celebrated and remembered! As your local church we have been glad to be at the centre of many of these events. We have of course witnessed and been affected by the troubles in eastern Europe as the Ukrainian peoples have suffered a tyrannical invasion of their homeland. We continue to pray that peace will prevail and that the suffering will cease.

2023 we pray will hold many opportunities and hopefully we can look forward to more celebrations. We will of course be celebrating the coronation of our new King Charles III in May. Let us pray that this event may bring many people together in celebration. We pray also that the current difficult financial problems will be alleviated for all.

Whatever the events we wish you all a peaceful and happy New Year.

If you are reading this on 31st December listen out around midnight as the bell ringers say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023 in their traditional way.