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For the past few months we have whenever possible been streaming services held in St Peter & St Paul’s church so that those who don’t feel safe in joining in physically can join in virtually. Whilst this has been appreciated by many, what we have been offering has been fairly basic and the quality and ease of access so far has been less than we had hoped. So we have been looking into how we can offer an improved service, particularly as we enter the season of Advent and approach Christmas. We have therefore invested time and effort into improving what we offer in this way.  As a result we have decided to transfer our streaming service onto the YouTube platform which both allows better quality and easier access. At the same time we have installed what we hope is a better media process which allows us a higher level of sophistication in what we broadcast. We are still learning what we can do and still have some further enhancements we hope to introduce as we move forward, so please bear with us as we take this learning curve.

To reach our YouTube channel please click on this image! If you “subscribe” to our video channel once you get there you can be advised when any new video is available. 

One thought on “Service Video Streams”

  1. Wishing the Congregation at Eckington a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

    I’ve enjoyed your Advent and Christmas services on YouTube and seeing some faces I know from previous visits. I really missed coming to your Carol Service with the Eckington Singers this year.

    Fabulous to hear Kieran playing your lovely pipe organ as we see less of him at Worksop these days. Good to know you are not letting him slack off!

    Thank you for streaming your services.

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