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Since March 2015 we have been remembering the men inscribed on our war memorial at Eckington who gave their lives during the First World War. We have been doing this at 11:00 a.m. on the 100th anniversary of their deaths where we have been able to establish this. Despite continuing research there are eight men listed on our memorial for whom we do not have dates or places of death. These eight names are William Andress, Albert Barber, Richard Davis, John F Davison, George B Frith, William C Greaves,  David Hopkinson and Albert P Yorke. We have decided that an apt date to commemorate these men will be the 100th anniversary of the signing of the treaty of Versailles on 28th June 1919, which officially brought World War One to an end. As usual we will be holding a short service of remembrance in the church at 11:00 a.m. following the tolling of a bell from 10:55 a.m. Will you join us in this final act of remembrance for these brave men of Eckington who laid down their lives so that we may live ours in peace, on Friday 28th June 2019?


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