Wednesday 31st December 2014

I was really excited today as I was going to be allowed to stay up very late tonight so that I could go to church with Brown Beaver.

At 11.30p.m. Brown Beaver put on her thick coat as it was very cold (of course I didn't need a coat as my fur is very thick and warm) and we drove to church.  The church was dark until we put on all the lights, then we climbed up 30 huge steps into the tower where we both rang the big church bells until midnight when we welcomed in the new year. Those bells are very big and noisy but I had a super time.

When we got back to Brown Beaver's lodge I was very, very tired so went to bed straight away and slept for a long time and didn't get up till 10 o'clock when I was really ready for my breakfast.

Look at me ringing the bells!!

Some of my previous travels! (Make sure you scroll down to see  all my adventures)

Branson Beaver likes

snuggles !!!

Branson ate my lovely chips,

he’s so cheeky !!!

Branson is a lovely Beaver

I think I might have to order a bigger Necker if I keep visiting with my friends!

Branson hanging out with his friends.

I’ve loved having Branson around because he’s cute and cuddly. We have had lots of fun. Here we are at Eckington Swimming Pool. Branson had to wait in the reception area whilst I had fun in the pool. The lady who looked after him thought he was cuddly.

On Pancake Day we had yummy pancakes.

Branson waiting to go to Dot Ball to play cricket. We were in such a rush we forgot to take him and he stayed at home having a nap.

We all like being Beavers and that is my brother

On Saturday we went swimming, but Branson couldn’t come into the water. So we went to Clumber Park and had an ice cream for a treat.