A Diary of My Travels! (Make sure you scroll down to see  my latest adventures)

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On this visit my Beaver friend showed me his pet gerbils. They looked mighty handsome but it’s a good job their lodge wasn’t under water because their tails were much to thin for swimming!

Loughborough (never heard of it!) was where I went on this travel. But it was a super playground. I got quite dizzy on the swing and zip line.

I was taken to school and a Taekwondo class, thankfully my friend was only a beginner too, so I didn’t feel too much out of place. They do look fierce though!

I got to ride the dog on this visit. We saw where a badger lives. (I prefer my lodge) He even made me climb a pretend rock wall, that was scary!

Now this visit was all about water! Great! I love water. But why did they think I needed a boat? And a towel?

But it was great fun! I liked wearing that hat as well, I pretended I was a pirate!

I did lots with this little friend, I even went to school and met his teacher. Doesn’t she look happy! I made some more friends, played football, walked another dog and had a super time. You Beaver Scouts are brilliant!

Now we had a bit of camera trouble on this visit so let me tell you what happened. I met my friend’s sisters! They were into all sorts, as girls do, they wanted to dress me up. But we did get down to proper boy stuff and played football, and I was in goal. Then it was tennis. And another school visit, I’m quite getting used to school now!

These friends took me ten pin bowling. Now I got a “strike”, what ever that is? I was just scared I was going to end up with those skittles and get raked away! Swimming and football again with this family. But we did do our duty and went into the Polling Station. I was watching all these people signing their names on pieces of paper and not one of them could write, so they all had to put a X for their name!

I spent the Easter Holiday with Bubbles Beaver’s family. They’ve got a cool lodge, it has wheels and follows their car! We saw a Scout hut with our colours for their door! Her brother’s into Army so we went to Eden Camp and saw lots to do with WW2, that’s me on an army vehicle. I had ice cream and got to go on a super river boat with Bubbles Aunt. Now I’ve had some really nice fish & chips with my friends but Bubbles took me to Whitby for some. They were great! Now is this a monument to the fellah that found Australia?